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by CancerIQ, on Apr 13, 2021 6:12:24 PM

As the nation braces for a rise in advanced stage cancer diagnoses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, two leading health systems will share how they are using CancerIQ’s precision prevention …

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by CancerIQ, on Mar 4, 2021 9:58:09 AM

Oncology leaders from across the country convened this past week at the ACCC 47th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit to explore how cancer care has been disrupted by …

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by CancerIQ, on Nov 24, 2020 3:19:08 PM

Last week, the President’s Cancer Panel titled Improving Resilience and Equity in Cancer Screening: Lessons from COVID-19 and Beyond was held over two days via conference call. This series of …

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by CancerIQ, on Nov 19, 2020 12:36:42 PM

Anchor members include Invitae, Myriad Genetics, Eurofins EGL Genetic Diagnostics, Eurofins NTD, and LabCorp CHICAGO, November 19, 2020 — CancerIQ, an enterprise precision health platform for cancer, has formed a …

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by CancerIQ, on Aug 29, 2020 2:29:23 PM

The moment a person learns they have cancer is one they’ll never forget. In that instant, and all the weeks and months after that, patients click into survival mode: They’ll …

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by CancerIQ, on Jul 31, 2020 9:38:10 AM

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lack of in-person visits may have flattened the curve, but it’s made it more difficult to screen for preventative cancers. Screenings like …

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by CancerIQ, on Jul 15, 2020 9:22:27 PM

“When will things go back to normal?” This has been the question on everyone’s mind since the beginning of stay-at-home orders back in March. And sadly, for several industries, there …

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by CancerIQ, on Jul 1, 2020 12:45:59 PM

As COVID-19 began spreading rapidly in the U.S., doctor’s offices and clinics closed in-person visits to lower the risk of spreading the virus. In response, the use of telehealth skyrocketed …

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by CancerIQ, on Jun 4, 2020 2:10:38 PM

COVID-19 has not stopped cancer, but it has made it more difficult to detect cancer early. Stay-at-home orders put in place to flatten the COVID-19 curve have had unintended consequences …

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by CancerIQ, on Jun 1, 2020 3:09:55 PM

Cancer is now responsible for almost 1 in 6 deaths globally. More than 14 million people develop cancer every year, and this figure was projected to rise to over 21 …

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