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At CancerIQ, we're dedicated to making it easier for providers to offer cancer risk assessment to every patient that walks through the door. This starts with practical implementation methods and tools (like CancerIQ)! On our blog, we'll offer best practices and advice on how to streamline your cancer risk assessment program.


Mar 4, 2021

The Future of Cancer Care is Virtual: Top 5 ...

Oncology leaders from across the country convened this past week at the ACCC 47th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit to explore how cancer care has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. CancerIQ was featured in two sessions at the virtual ...

Aug 29, 2020

Preventing Patient Leakage With Early Detection ...

The moment a person learns they have cancer is one they’ll never forget. In that instant, and all the weeks and months after that, patients click into survival mode: They’ll stop at nothing to pursue the best and most comprehensive care. 

Mar 25, 2020

COVID-19 Action Plan: Deliver Telehealth Services ...

We've been amazed to see teams across the country pulling together to take their cancer genetics programs virtual during these challenging times. To show our support, we commit to:

Jan 31, 2020

How to Calculate the ROI of Your Cancer Genetics ...

We speak with clients all of the time who are facing challenges justifying the investment in personnel and software support required to start, run, or grow their cancer genetic counseling and high risk programs.