eBook Excerpt: Why Preventive Oncology is an Untapped Revenue Source for Today’s Health Systems

Jan 28, 2023

Rising costs, labor shortages, inflation, and supply chain disruption have left health systems in a revenue crisis — with few resources left to invest in growth. Health systems seeking to generate more revenue in this economy should look to the oncology service line.

One of the greatest sources of untapped revenue lies in oncology, where an unmet need for cancer prevention also promises to drive innovation forward. Shifting oncology programs toward prevention can increase utilization of existing clinical services; redirect staff to more rewarding, high-value work; and establish oncology programs as a leader in early cancer detection and prevention.

Most importantly, health systems can begin to unlock this value in just three simple steps:

3 Steps Preventive Onc - Just 3

Preventive oncology is a mission-driven answer to today’s revenue crisis: Not only does it deliver an immediate financial ROI with higher visit volumes and near-term revenue generation, but it also improves patient outcomes and saves lives — ensuring health systems are equipped to make a positive impact for years to come.

"All these tools for prevention and early detection — genetics, imaging, biopsies, limited surgical interventions — help us better serve patients, help reduce overall costs to health plans by detecting cancer earlier and changing the medical management of these patients.”

Cory Ferrier
Vice President,
Adventist Health

Today’s oncology leaders have a “narrow window of opportunity to shape the future,” according to the Advisory Board. Structural shifts set in motion by the pandemic present a unique opportunity to transform the future of cancer care.  Health systems continue to face the prolonged effects of the pandemic — but the pandemic also proved just how nimble health systems can be to adapt to industry challenges and close gaps in care. Now is the time to harness that mindset and apply it to the current revenue crisis.

In this eBook, you’ll discover the profound impact of shifting your oncology program toward prevention. We will show you how to identify opportunities for prevention, establish comprehensive cancer risk assessment and centralize care pathways for high-risk patients using an actionable, three-step plan.


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