January 2023 Precision Prevention News: Six to Skim

Feb 4, 2023

The latest in precision prevention news, curated for CancerIQ's community of oncologists, genetic counselors, breast centers, primary care providers, and anyone interested in staying ahead of cancer.

  1. Incidence Drops for Cervical Cancer Drop But Rises for Prostate Cancer via American Cancer Society

    "What a testament to prevention and early detection: Today's report from the American Cancer Society shows efforts to stay ahead of cancer have helped save 3.8M lives over the last 30 years!

    Now we need to make sure everyone has access to the right tools for prevention and early detection. The data shows cancer risk isn't shared equally — and it's time for preventive care plans to reflect that. That's why I'm so proud of the work we are doing at CancerIQ to make cancer risk assessments more comprehensive and connect patients to preventive care plans tailored to their personal level of risk."

    - Feyi Olopade Ayodele, CancerIQ CEO & Co-Founder on ACS' 2023 Facts & Figures Report

  2. Many women underestimate breast density as a risk factor for breast cancer, study shows via CNN

    “I think it’s really, really important that everyone understands – and this is the doctors, the nurses, the women themselves – that screening is not a one size fits all recommendation. We cannot just make one general recommendation to the entire population because individual women have different levels of risks of developing breast cancer." - Dr. Ruth Oratz, NYU Langone Health's Perlmutter Cancer Center.

    CancerIQ makes it easy for breast centers to provide cancer risk assessment for every patient who walks through the door. The combination of our technology, patient-friendly tools and experienced team helps breast imaging staff save time, identify more women with risk factors, and improve adherence to recommended care plans. With CancerIQ, you can maximize the clinical and financial impact of your high-risk breast program.

  3. The Critical Role of Primary Care Physicians in Detecting Genetic Risk of Lynch Syndrome via Physicians' Weekly

    "Part of the problem is the lack of continuity between primary care and oncological and other specialized care," notes Steven Keiles, MS, LCGC, in Physician's Weekly, regarding barriers to genetic testing uptake. To change this, Keiles, a past National Society of Genetic Counselors president, recommends more effectively communicating family history risk, integrating genetics referrals into primary care, and addressing disparities.

    All of these strategies are possible when providers are empowered to start "leveraging existing tools and resources to help maximize their time." Enter CancerIQ’s unique wraparound services that go beyond software. We know that hereditary cancer prevention is not only as effective as the referral pathways you build in to support it, but also the ability to for your primary care providers to actively manage patients with positive mutations – like those with Lynch Syndrome – over time.

  4. Terrance Mayes, EdD, and Loretta Erhunmwunsee, MD, FACS, Announced as Leaders for NCCN Forum on Equity via NCCN

    We're thrilled to see health equity prioritized by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) with a new DEI forum to "identify and eliminate structural barriers and practices" that ultimately impact cancer outcomes. This initiative is built in part on the key premise that "following clinical guidelines is one way to reduce this imbalance in outcomes."

    At CancerIQ, we're already taking up this charge toward equitable care with software. Our platform makes the most up-to-date, evidence-based comprehensive cancer risk assessment and care management decisions more widely accessible to every provider and their patients. Increasing the availability of these services can help any health system – not only leading academic centers – personalize care and find their high-risk patients in underrepresented populations.

  5. Q&A with Feyi Olopade Ayodele of CancerIQ: Transforming cancer care as we know it via Avia Marketplace

    AVIA Marketplace recently asked top companies in the pharmacogenomics space, like CancerIQ CEO Feyi Ayodele for transparency and insights that decision-makers can use to shape the future of digital health.

    In her featured interview, she noted, "it can be difficult for providers to fully embrace precision medicine. When they do, it’s often difficult to quantify a clinical and financial return on investment. What sets CancerIQ apart is that we are focused on precision prevention of cancer ... which is the most validated opportunity in precision medicine today."

    As hospitals stare down razor-thins margins, "initiatives around hereditary cancer testing and improved utilization of preventive oncology services will win out as a priority. We’ve seen that genetic testing is the gateway to interest in other types of genomics."

  6. 3 Reasons I’m Optimistic About Cancer Care and Prevention in 2023 via LinkedIn

    Last week's Association of Cancer Executives 2023 Annual Meeting left our SVP, Commercial Strategy, John Hansel feeling excited about the partnerships already driving better patient care. He writes, "Health systems face no shortage of challenges right now, from financial to equity to labor. But as I reflect on last week’s Association of Cancer Executives 29th Annual Meeting, I think there’s a lot to be optimistic about in cancer care and prevention. He shared his top 3 insights from the frontlines of oncology strategy over on his LinkedIn.




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