Customer Spotlight: How CommonSpirit Health Deployed Point-of-Care Genetics to Get Ahead of Breast & Ovarian Cancers

Oct 3, 2023

Dignity Health, now part of CommonSpirit Health, is rapidly expanding access to point-of-care genetic testing in women’s health, with truly exceptional results: The first clinic they converted to a point-of-care genetic testing model saw a 10X increase in genetic testing — meaning 10 times more patients are receiving the information they need to prevent cancer or detect it early. They have also put a framework in place that makes it possible to easily scale these services across the health system, paving the way for an even greater impact.

Peer-reviewed research has shown point-of-care testing is a win for everyone. It’s easier for patients, physicians and genetic counselors and significantly improves follow-through rates. Healthcare Innovation highlighted this research and the work of CommonSpirit’s genetic and clinical champions, including Dr. Conwell and Ashley Navarro, MS, CGC. Together the team at CommonSpirit is using our platform to identify patients eligible for genetic testing and offer it at the point-of-care in several obstetrical practice locations across the system. 

"Genetic testing is a crucial next step for patients whose risk assessment shows them at risk of hereditary cancer. But in the past, it was difficult to access,” Dr. Conwell said in a statement. “With the CancerIQ platform, OB-GYNs like me can educate eligible patients, get them tested at the point of care, and work with them on the appropriate surveillance and risk reduction services going forward. CancerIQ allows us to bring genetic testing to the masses, which will have a dramatic effect on the quality of life for countless patients and their families.”

Genetic insights are important not only for breast cancer, but also for ovarian cancer. While there is still no screening test for ovarian cancer, genetic testing for mutations like BRCA1 and BRCA2 in women’s health settings can help patients learn their risk and the appropriate risk-reduction strategies.

Read more about our research on clinical workflows that include point-of-care genetics here.

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