CancerIQ Officially Launches Lab Network to Increase Awareness and Accelerate Adoption of Genetic Testing

Nov 19, 2020

Anchor members include Invitae, Myriad Genetics,
Eurofins EGL Genetic Diagnostics, Eurofins NTD, and LabCorp

CHICAGO, November 19, 2020 — CancerIQ, an enterprise precision health platform for cancer, has formed a network of trusted genetic labs to streamline and inform the genetic test ordering process. The CancerIQ Lab Network increases access to genetic testing and improves the experience for providers and genetic testing labs.

Democratizing access to genetic testing is one of the main tenets of precision health. Genetic testing helps providers identify patients at high risk of developing cancer to establish care plans to preempt a diagnosis.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of patients who meet guidelines for genetic testing go untested. That’s due to several barriers, including workflow issues, lack of awareness, confusion over guidelines, and reimbursement concerns.

CancerIQ added a Lab Network to its offerings to overcome those barriers. The network is a strategic alliance of genetic testing labs that recognize the hurdles and want to improve awareness and adoption of genetic testing.

The five anchor members of the CancerIQ Lab Network are Invitae, Myriad Genetics, Eurofins EGL Genetic Diagnostics, Eurofins NTD, and LabCorp.

“I’m proud of these labs for being so forward-thinking about ease of use and clinician experience,” says Feyi Ayodele, CEO of CancerIQ. “This network makes genetic testing more scalable and accessible to patients.”

Lab Network members are listed within the CancerIQ platform. Clinicians see the list at the point of care, which increases awareness of lab offerings and streamlines the test ordering process. If a test is selected by the healthcare provider, CancerIQ prepopulates the test requisition and insurance prior authorization forms with data collected during the patient encounter.

CancerIQ is also integrated into health systems’ EHRs, further streamlining the ordering process without extra cost or effort from the labs.

Provider organizations that were early adopters of the CancerIQ Lab Network found that the increased convenience and streamlined workflow enhanced ordering and utilization of tests for appropriate patients.

Additionally, patients had more tests covered by insurance because the CancerIQ platform accurately and thoroughly captures necessary clinical information to avoid a denial.

About CancerIQ
CancerIQ's precision health platform enables hospitals to identify, evaluate and manage entire patient populations based on individual genetic risk factors. By analyzing family history, running predictive risk models and automating NCCN guidelines, CancerIQ empowers providers with the genetic expertise to prevent cancer or catch it early. The platform has been rapidly adopted by some of the top health systems in the country and fully integrates with genetics laboratories, EHRs, and specialty software vendors to streamline workflow, guide clinician decision making, achieve cost savings, and — most importantly — improve patient outcomes.