CancerIQ Joins CancerX Moonshot Initiative

Sep 10, 2023

I’m incredibly proud that CancerIQ is officially a member of the CancerX Moonshot initiative, an innovative partnership led by the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) and Moffitt Cancer Center. It’s exciting to see such a diverse community of innovators come together to tackle cancer at every stage of disease, from precancer to treatment to survivorship.

CancerX represents the CancerIQ mission in action. We are proud to join this diverse coalition of organizations working together to end cancer as we know it – at every stage of disease, across all populations of people. For over a decade, CancerIQ has been focused on scaling equitable access to early cancer detection and prevention through digital innovation. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and collaborating with other leaders in this space to enhance outcomes for all patients.
I’ve always believed that ending cancer as we know it is going to take Moonshots and Groundshots. While we certainly need a cure for cancer — we also need to do better by patients when it comes to cancer prevention and early detection.

Image previewCancerIQ Co-Founder Haibo Lu at the Inaugural CancerX Member Summit

Last week, CancerIQ joined representatives from over 125 CancerX member
organizations and the federal government in Washington, D.C., to draft strategic
priorities and outline activities for CancerX that align with the broader Cancer
Moonshot community.  My co-founder, 
Haibo Lu, attended the inaugural CancerX member to help identify research priorities and strategy for the year ahead. 

CancerIQ has long been focused on demonstrating the impact of digital innovation on the ground. I can’t wait to share what we’ve learned with our peers at CancerX and collaborate around bringing digital innovation to every step of the cancer journey!