Why You Should Attend our Founder's Genetic Counseling and Testing Workshop

Jan 15, 2020

At last year’s Association of Cancer Executives (ACE) conference, one of our clients told such a compelling story about her cancer risk assessment program that session speaker (John Montville) referred to her talk repeatedly during his session. Since then, we have been invited to share best practices and abstracts at multiple events such as:

To kick off this year's conference on January 22nd, CancerIQ CEO and Co-Founder, Feyi Olopade Ayodele, will be presenting in New Orleans on “Improving Access to Genetic Counseling and Testing.”

Based on the success of last year's presentation, the ACE committee invited us to come back for a longer segment in the best practices workshop.

Why attend this session? 

Implementation Experience in Diverse Clinical Settings

Hear from a thought leader in the world of genomics and risk assessment. Feyi's team has demonstrated success implementing genetic counseling and testing in multiple cancer and non-cancer programs including: 

  • Diverse clinical settings 
  • Complex implementation models 
  • HIT Infrastructure 

Implementation Experience In a Variety of Cancer Programs

The team has implemented our program with data-driven insights into multiple cancer centers with various backgrounds such as: 

  • Commission on Cancer Accredited Cancer Centers
  • Academic Cancer Centers
  • Standalone Cancer Centers
  • Cancer Center with affiliated breast centers
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In her presentation, Feyi will share success stories where CancerIQ has helped many cancer center executives by: 

We understand what it takes to implement, improve, and scale genetic risk-assessment in your cancer center - and have the data to back it up!

What’s covered in the workshop?

In this presentation, you will learn the best practices for:

  • Starting a program
  • Growing volumes in your program
  • Increasing service capacity for genetic specialists
  • Financial considerations
  • Getting buy-in from leadership

We don’t want to totally steal Feyi’s thunder, but you can learn more about our best practices here. 


We’d love to hear and address your questions in advance to make the presentation as meaningful and tailored as possible. You can submit questions you have here. 

For your reference, here is a list of questions we heard last year that Feyi will address in her session.

  • How has direct-to-consumer genetic testing impacted this service?
  • How have the 2020 CoC standards impacted the way genetic counseling and testing services are offered?
  • Why genetic counseling?
  • Why invest in software and support for genetic counseling?
  • How do you budget for this service?
  • What is the patient experience like? Can they use software?
  • How important is it to plan for technology and integration with your EHR?

Session Info

When: Wednesday, January 22nd, 1:15-2:30 PM

Where: Best Practices Workshop #3

You can register for the workshop here. If you are unable to attend, but would like to speak with a cancer genetics expert, you can schedule a meeting or join a roundtable here. 

Meet With The Speaker